In 1987 BTI started serving the Jackson Township, Canal Fulton, Massillon, North Canton, Canton and surrounding communities. From day one the mission was to provide an outstanding client experience. Over a quarter of a century later this tradition continues.

When the founders Bruce & Terry Irion made the decision to retire in 2013, they looked for someone who could step into their shoes without missing a beat. Little did they know, they would find him from their client base.

New Ownership, with the same commitment to quality

Hi, my name is Keith Goodrum. I found this company much the same way many of you did. I came back to the area, bought a house, and got my the carpets cleaned.

With 20+ years experience in this industry, I knew professionals had to clean my carpets. Without the right tools and equipment, the results would be poor. So, I looked around for a carpet cleaner.

BTI came up during my search. After asking around, I heard goods things about them. I picked up the phone, and called. Bruce & I hit it off right away. We both were veterans, ran cleaning businesses with a similar sense of humor.

I got them to clean my carpets, and the results were great. The technician was friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable. They got some spots out of the carpets, which I thought were permanent stains.

Later that year Bruce put BTI up for sale, and I jumped at the opportunity to get back into the carpet cleaning business.

Some more about me

I have been in this industry for 20+ years. I’ve been a business owner for most of that time, and enjoy the being the big kahuna. In this business the tendency is to have college age employees. They are usually working their way though school, and I’m glad to have them for a short period of time. Some of my proudest moments is taking part in developing young employees for their next adventure in life.

Having a lot of experience means two things:

  1. I know a lot about cleaning, and have pretty much seen it all. Not much trips me up these days.
  2. All that experience means I’m a little longer in the tooth, but I’m still having fun running a carpet cleaning company.

I hold certifications from the IICRC in Carpet cleaning, Upholstery cleaning, Odor control & Carpet repair and re-installation. I’m one certification away from Master Textile cleaner, then I’ll be going after IICRC instructor certification. Being an instructor is the perfect complement to owning BTI. I’ll be able to teach without it interfering with the day to day operations of the business

I believe in training & certification, because professional education never ends. This industry, like others is constantly changing and improving. The manufactures are always trying to make their products more stain resistant, less resistant to breaking down, and longer lasting. Seminars, certifications and education are vital. Improvements many times change the cleaning solutions, and the way you clean.

I’m more than carpet cleaning

I grew up in Akron, and nearly all my family still lives in the area. It has been fun moving back here, and caching with friends & family. I have a dog her name is Brownie. She is the cutest thing ever… You will find no bias here.

I’m also a big Cleveland sports fan. Indians, Cavs and even the Browns. The Browns really make it tough, but I’m still hanging in there. The silver lining to being a Cleveland sports fan – We build greater intestinal fortitude taking all the gut shots over the decades.

Bottom line: BTI is a local company

BTI Carpet Cleaning is from here, and with local roots. I stay active in the community, shop local and support local charities. My belief is doing business locally keeps money close to home. Supporting families, paying for local school activities, and enriching our communities. I believe it is the best way to keep us strong.

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